Just Thomism

Once again I have to recommend the blog Just Thomism. I don’t know who writes it, and I don’t know why they write it; the author simply refers to himself or herself as “a thomist” (small “t”), and the blog is, so far as I can tell, completely devoid of the personal. There’s not even the usual post, “I’m starting up a blog to do such-and-such”. But each post gives me food for thought, draws some distinctions I hadn’t previously considered, and expands my philosophical horizons. At the very least, I begin to see more philosophical terms used in a wider context, and thus get a better idea of what they mean.

Today, for example, a thomist discusses the difference between the scientific account of the senses, e.g., sight, and the experience of seeing, with comments on the nature of scientific knowledge in general.

A thomist has been blogging prolifically since January 2004; at some point, I need to go back and explore the archives.

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