Fools Rush In

I rashly sent a note off to Bill Vallicella of the Maverick Philosopher blog yesterday; and evidently he found it stimulating. I am playing out of my league, here; but his response to my note is on his blog. (I have to thank him for his courtesy to a philosophical newbie.)

2 Responses to “Fools Rush In”

  1. Bob the Chef says:

    I read your post. I just have one comment. When you say that during the time that the soul exists without a body, it is in an abnormal state. However, from the point of view of eternity, the soul never actually exists apart from a body, unless you want to somehow say that the soul exists in time and space. The question now is, what body does it transition into? That is, what is the identity of that which is resurrected? Must it be the same as the original if we are to remain essentially the same, in your conceptualization.

  2. Will says:

    As I understand it, the human soul is a form that is individuated by the matter of the human body. All dogs have the same form, Dog, and the same essence, Dogginess; human beings all have the same essence, Humanity, but each has his or her own unique subsistent form. Since the forms have the same essence, they must be distinguished in some way; and that way is by connection with each soul’s particular body. To say that the body dies is simply to say that the soul is no longer informing the body’s matter; and yet the connection remains. This is why we take such care of our dead. The relationship between the one’s original body and one’s resurrected body is opaque to me. It would seem reasonable that there’s some continuity, there, though.

    Why do you think the soul doesn’t exist in time and space? The soul can do so without being material; time is the measurement of change, and the soul can change, as when it apprehends a new concept.