Infinity vs. Infinity

In Chapter 2 of Book I of the Physics, Aristotle says that if being is One in the sense of being only substance, then it can’t be infinite, for to be infinite is in the category of quantity, and quantity is an accident that subsists in a substance.

This leads me to a couple of questions.

First, I understand that accidents subsist in a substance.  Now, suppose you’ve got a thing whose nature it is to be infinite.  It’s part of the thing’s essence, its species.  Is this infinity still an accident?

Second, God is One, and perfectly simple; if I understand it correctly, God has no accidents.  Yet God is said to be infinite.  I would gather, then, that this is an analogical use of the word "infinite".  The infinite of quantity and the infinite of God are distinct, but related analogically.  Not so?

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