DE&E: Chapter 6:9 — The Conclusion

And here we are: the final, ultimate paragraph of De Ente et Essentia:

We have thus made clear how essence is found in substances and in accidents, and how in composite substances and in simple ones, and in what way the universal intentions of logic are found in all of these, except for the first being, which is the extreme of simplicity and to which, because of its simplicity, the notions of genus, species, and thus definition do not apply; and having said this we may make an proper end to this discourse. Amen.

I’ve not much to add to this, except to note that this seems a clearer statement of Thomas’ goals in writing De Ente et Essentia than I got from his introduction.

And so, back to the Compendium Theologiae…except that I have this nagging feeling that if I’m to retain anything of what I’ve learned, I really need to read through De Ente et Essentia a couple of more times. I should outline the work, perhaps make a glossary of the terms, and so forth. I’m off work for the next few days, and I might take some time and give this a try. We’ll see.

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